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Every company wants their products and services to be successful on the market and to reach as many people as possible. In order to do so, a company needs a professional, well-developed marketing strategy to introduce their product or service to the market. Among the many types of advertising techniques, there is also stickering.

New Strategies

An inventive marketing technique, stickering refers to the placement of a large number of tiny stickers containing the company brand in several different locations in a city or a town. In stickering, the focus is mostly on quantity, because to be able to attract the attention of potential clients, the number of stickers spread must be very high. Usually, a sticker includes subliminal messages composed precisely with this purpose. Stickers rely mostly on images, and are a technique that implies instant communication by appealing to large groups of people. If a sticker is well-designed, people remember the message and feel curious about it. They usually become interested in finding more and they can search or even purchase the product or service.

Catching the attention

Stickering is a quick and low cost solution, used extensively by companies and by artists and activists as well, because of its high efficiency. However, stickers bring results when they are able to reach large number of potential clients, by having been placed in carefully chosen locations. Some suitable locations for placing stickers are crowded streets, railway and subway stations, or on vehicles such as bicycles, cars, or motorcycles. Not only that stickering is one of the cheapest methods in marketing, but it is also the easiest way to disseminate a message widely.


To ensure success, an advertising strategy that uses stickering must focus on designing a sticker that represents the brand in a memorable and attractive way, by putting, at the same time, emphasis on the remarkable qualities of the product or service. The right association of image and text can linger in the minds of the viewers, determining thus the success of the ad in a very economical way. Placing many stickers is not effective if the sticker does not stand out. People must be able to see it, so it is recommendable to use bold text and bright colors to attract attention.


As any other marketing strategy, a stickering campaign must have a plan and a target. When something is left to chance, it might fail. The message should be brief and clear. When the stickers are placed outdoor, they can easily get damaged. To avoid this, the stickers should be made out of resistant material that is not affected by weather. If this advice is followed properly, the stickers can last a very long time and maintain the same level of effectiveness as in their first day.

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