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SMS Marketing

There are many effective tool for organizing external business communication, and in many cases these tools can be mixed to obtain better results. Although it is true that telemarketing is still among the most appreciated marketing tools for companies, there is also the possibility to use commercial text message as a way of communicating with customers. Known as SMS marketing or mobile marketing, this strategy appeared at the same time with the development of mobile phones. Since phones have become so common nowadays, and everyone can receive text messages, SMS marketing is a viable method to maintain communication and many companies prefer it for the low costs and simplicity of use.

New tools

SMS marketing is a fast communication method that provides a reliable and quick transfer of information, yet it is a one-way communication channel, because it does not require an answer from the receiver. Usually, mobile marketing is used by companies who want to keep communication open with established clients, after a contact has been confirmed previously.

Companies who want to conduct telemarketing campaigns can find telemarketing lists for mobile marketing, yet this kind of lists appear independently, during informative events or through online advertising.

When a client is required to fill out a paper or an electronic form, he will have to add a phone number in the corresponding cell and give permission to have his personal information processed. This is a very common practice used by companies to enlarge their database. The companies can therefore use these contact lists in their commercial communication strategies. The information provided by clients is organized in different contact lists, following a particular target. In the virtual database, the lists will be further separated on certain criteria, so the company can efficiently use any list within a preferred target that best meets their needs.


Companies use SMS marketing with the exclusive purpose of maintaining communication with their customers and people with whom a need for contact has been determined already in other way, since SMS marketing it is not an exchange, but a one-way transfer of information. Usually, a SMS offers the latest information on a service, product, or discount, which according to the information from the database, the client might find interesting. It is highly difficult to find new potential customers with only a text message on the phone. The principles of telemarketing suggest that for a successful operation, a customer becomes interested in a proposal only when a sense of trust has been already formed in a direct communication.

Despite all its shortcomings, telemarketing is a very efficient tool and should be included in a larger, well-designed marketing plan. SMS marketing raises the rate of success in communication and ensures the feasibility of the marketing strategy.

Massive sending

A SMS marketing plan can be put to practice with very low effort. Not only that SMS operations are faster than phone calls, but modern software allows maximum of results with minimum of effort since large number of SMSs can be send simultaneously. SMS operations allow a significantly lower need for human resources and time. If a commercial phone call can take on average 90 seconds, a SMS needs a few seconds. At the same time, SMS operations can be run by a single person with a contact list much larger than one of a telemarketing operator. It is even possible for computers to run directly the entire process without need for human interference.

The latest innovations in mobile technologies and the spread of smarthphones or instant messaging applications have damaged the importance of SMS use. Since the application WhatsApp has become very popular, many companies decided to contact their clients through this new method.