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Guerrilla Marketing

The term “guerilla” comes from the military terminology and refers to an improvisational strategy in which soldiers act unpredictable and surprise the enemy who doesn’t even expect a fight. Guerilla marketing strategies are thus always unconventional.

In its beginnings, guerilla marketing had the goal of inspiring companies in creating more creative advertising campaigns able to catch the attention of people who do not expect to encounter a commercial message of that type in a certain situation. Usually, commercial messages appear on TV or on billboards, but there are other many possibilities for people to be surprised. Including both mystery and surprise, a guerilla marketing initiative must be original and innovative.

Usually, in guerrilla marketing, the message is more obscure and does not expose the service or the product that the company provides. The reason is that the message must determine curiosity and engagement from viewers through a powerful and appealing symbol. Very often, the message is delivered on the streets or can be found in unconventional places such as walls or beer bottles.

Guerrilla marketing features

The main benefit of a guerrilla marketing plan is attaining substantial visibility with low costs. By including elements such as surprise and shock in their ad, a company can create a lot of interest from potential clients by arousing their curiosity regarding the message. People become thus willing to discover more regarding what lays behind the mysterious message.

A guerilla marketing strategy cannot work without being playful, creative, and imaginative. Usually, the designers of the campaign must use tricks and invent different sorts of stories or events that are not actually real. The element that arouses curiosity is usually the “teaser”. A teaser is an image, video, slogan, or an action that stimulates the imagination of the viewers. To function properly, a teaser must always surprise, and also give the impression that there more important things to be discovered soon, which will be even more interesting.

An example of guerrilla marketing

For example, a super glue could be included in a guerrilla ad through a false event in which a 2 euro coin is glued to the ground. When someone reaches for it, they will not be capable of taking it from its spot, yet they will discover a written message informing them about the product which was used in sticking the coin to its place. Such an event would appear as a big surprise in the normal routine of potential customers and they might feel convinced to buy the product.

The guerrilla marketing surprise effect

Guerilla marketing schemes are usually implemented in metropolitan areas, but they also have the potential of forming a communication channel between different viewers or even strangers. Since the strategy is meant to leave an impact on the viewers’ memory they might feel compelled to spread the word, creating thus a domino effect. The efficiency of guerilla marketing lays in its power to reach potential clients among people who didn’t have contact with the ad themselves. Since a good guerrilla marketing ad is an unusual experience, people share it with others and remember it for a longer time.

Guerilla marketing is very unique among the commercial techniques and methods with which people are familiar. Therefore, a campaign of this type can have a tremendous influence among potential clients who have only encountered traditional advertising before. An innovative approach will determine a lasting effect on them.

Effects of guerrilla marketing

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