Simply sell directly

Buzz Marketing

The traditional path of promotional techniques is no longer followed by all companies, since the Internet offers better solutions. The strategies with the most outstanding success are those who are new and unique, coming with a totally different approach. The promotional plans designed on these new strategies belong to a group defined as unconventional marketing. In such cases, the company presents its products and services in alternative ways that that defy the traditional marketing techniques.

Word of mouth

Word of mouth is a type of alternative promotional method, described as the distribution of information directly between clients, who share recommendations, suggestions, and opinions about the products or services that they used through a communication medium such as phone calls, text messages, emails, blogs, or others. Word of mouth can also happen in a direct face-to-face communication.

The promotion of a product or service by focusing on having it included in a large number of discussions and talks by using different strategies is named buzz marketing. The name of this method derives from the sound which a bee swarm makes when searching for a location to build a hive.

Increase interest

A buzz marketing strategy begins with the identification of a potential group of customers interested in a product or service. By reaching promoters and influencers from the same group, a company can catch the attention of the entire group. Promoters start and lead discussions about the product or the service provided by the company, for free or in exchange for a small stipend. This can create a larger word of mouth situation.

The dissemination channels in buzz marketing are very often on the Internet and its virtual world of blogs, forums, and social media distribution.

The main focus of a buzz marketing strategy is promoting and creating a word of mouth phenomenon. When it is developed accordingly, a buzz marketing plan has huge potential to attract buyers, who can end up continuing the promotion themselves, simply by talking about the product or service with others.

Create suspense

Buzz marketing is more effective when it marks a major event in the life of a company, such as the launch of new service or product. In such occasions, there is a lot of suspense created among clients and potentially new clients. Contacting people with great influence such as bloggers or celebrities is a great way to create a wave of interest on social media and on other Internet mediums, by stimulating conversation with their audience to increase curiosity. The great dynamic of the Internet can make any news about a product or service spread widely, and can determine many potential customers to make purchases and to continue the promotion themselves.