Add , change or remove the business's data in complete autonomy

FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

Super simple! Click on this link: INSERT COMPANY register, please enter the data by following the advices and send the request
Go to the file you want to edit, press ''Edit data'' and follow the procedure step by step
Go to the file you want to remove, press ''Cancel Company'' and follow the procedure step by step
Find the company card with the phone number here: SEARCH FOR TELEPHONE constantly updates the published data that comes from various public sources accessible to anyone. puts this information in the system using a variety of selection criteria. In addition to the publication of data from public registers and lists, there are also data entered/modified directly by users.
If within 15 minutes you have not received the reply email, make sure that you have entered a valid email address, and check that the message is not in the SPAM folder
Nothing! The service is completely free and will be forever.
If you have not found the answer you need in our FAQ, to contact us please compile the contact form that you find here: CONTACT US one of our operators will answer you as soon as possible