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All the essential information regarding all the companies operating within the Italian borders can be found in the following detailed lists. Information such as company name, city, province, address, phone number, and product category is accessible at a click away. If the information provided is not sufficient, CONTACT US and we will provide access to a larger database with more in depth information that can led to a better selection when it comes to the market of reference.

As soon as a company makes a demand, our team identifies the type of product which should be taken in consideration, along with the type of user that suits the criteria for that specific product. The team fills a survey and uses the database to extract all the required data. The final step is assembling detailed and multifaceted lists that impeccably satisfy the demands of the client. The search is either restricted or expanded, according to client’s needs regarding the number of contacts necessary in his activity. The database is continuously updated to make sure there is an absolutely accurate data flow.

We supply efficient, reliable, and professional lists to all our clients, and our research always includes a wide range of different reference factors and variants.

We do not limit our services to national borders. Our database contains numerous international entries as well. Every time, our search is customized according to the criteria of demand, to ensure we meet any specific request, including those related to international grounds.

Our company delivers an excellent service which can satisfy all types of companies who are in need of maintaining an open channel of communication with potential clients with an interest in the services that the company offers.